Services We Offer


Assistance with job descriptions and understanding each position within the sourcing infrastructure. Assistance in restructures and development strategies built for success. Supplier Factory vetting assistance. Negotiating assistance, Supplier Development, Performance Evaluations, Quality Control and Assurance assistance. How to build a sustainable and profitable strategic relationship for both the retailer and supplier. Development of Supplier Matrix tool that properly places suppliers within their own abilities and capabilities. Assistance in any product line review process. Building a Flexible sourcing model for sustainable growth. How to build a highly energized and effective Supplier Forum. Diversity on boarding and sustainability.


How to build a clear Up the Continuum merchandising program. Merchandising Financials and how they work. Negotiating assistance. Balancing market share gain, gross margin and turn to maximize ROI. Balancing Private Label and National Brands within the merchandising world. Supplier Development Performance Evaluations. Improving the relationship with your partner. How to build and prepare for a product line review. Post line review prep. Choosing the right supplier. Choosing the right customer. How to build a Supplier Matrix. Heat Map development. How to build a highly energized and effective Supplier Forum. Diversity On boarding and sustainability.

Item Launch Strategies

Cost and retail evaluations to support both brand and item(s). Competitive comparisons. Private label vs national brand strategies. How does your item or program fit into the equation? Filling in the gaps with the right brand, item and price point. Packaging assistance and recommendations.


What are the top 10 major traits of a great merchant? What are the top 10 major traits of a poor merchant? Top things a merchant looks for in a great supplier. How a merchant moves through a typical product line review. Understanding how a typical merchant is compensated so you can win as well.

Brand Positioning

Gap review and analysis assistance. Reviews and shops Performance Evaluations. Brand strategies vs the current. Building and improving the merchandising continuum. Enhancing the private label strategy.

Competitive Analysis

Plan o Gram building assistance set up. Competitive review and analysis. Conduct meetings with the customer/merchant. Here for both the retailer and the supplier as you need us. Presentation build assistance. Presentation to the customer. Negotiating tactics and planning.